Flyleaf Releases First Album With New Singer Kristen May

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Flyleaf's newest album, BETWEEN THE STARS, was released Tuesday, September 16, and is the first recorded studio album since original frontwoman Lacey Sturm departed.

BETWEEN THE STARS is the alternative hard rock band's fourth album, but the first with new lead singer, Kristen May. May was formerly the lead singer for Vedera, a rock band out of Kansas City, Missouri which disbanded in 2011.

May announced her junction with Flyleaf shortly after the release of the band's third album, NEW HORIZONS. Sturm abruptly left the band after NEW HORIZONS, which dropped October 2012 and sold over 20,000 in the United States in its first week.

"I think one thing that I have in common with Flyleaf is that we both came from almost not being able to move forward in the music industry as far as they lost a singer.

I lost my band," May said in an interview with New Release Tuesday.

"We were both--me especially--certainly in the wilderness kind of wondering, not sure how to move forward and I even dealt with not knowing if this was the career path for me, if I should keep doing it."

In a brief review by Revolver Magazine, the current single off the album, SET ME ON FIRE, is described as " tight and melodic and unrelentingly hook-driven, poppy enough in places to recall Paramore or even a more ferocious No Doubt."

Check out their new single here: