Have The Beatles Been Reincarnated by Julian Lennon and Brent Bourgeois?

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The new single, "The High Road" from Brent Bourgeois and Julian Lennon (the auditory clone of his father, John Lennon) is fooling listeners into believing there is a newly unearthed gem from the Beatles.

Bourgeois' former band Bourgeois Tagg was best known for their Beatle-esque hit, "I Don't Mind At All." Now, teamed up with the son of the former Beatle, he's at it again.

In "The High Road," he and Lennon trade verses behind a track that also features Bourgeois' former bandmates Larry Tagg and Michael Urbano.

Brent first met Julian Lennon in about 1986.

His band Bourgeois Tagg opened for Lennon on a couple of shows.

Brent says, "He was a big fan of the band-in fact, we walked into the hall where we were playing with him for the first time and he and his band serenaded us with a perfect rendition of one of our songs."

One of the things that caught Lennon's ear with both Bourgeois Tagg and Brent's subsequent solo material is the persistent Beatle strain that permeates all of it.

Growing up on all things Beatles, their influence can't help but pour out of Brent's music.

"I reconnected with Julian on, of all things, Facebook. He had "liked" a number of my posts over time. When I wrote "The High Road," I immediately thought of Julian, but had no idea if he would be interested in singing on it or with me.

I was very pleasantly surprised when he responded quickly and positively and we set a time to record in LA after his trip to Africa and South America. He walked into the studio, and upon hearing my first vocal line in the song said, "Now THAT'S Lennon!" It's a trip to hear those pipes with that obvious DNA singing this song.

Oh, and by the way, Julian is doing really good works around the world.

That's why I have agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds of every record I sell to his White Feather Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing safe, clean drinking water to people in need in Africa."

It feels like Julian Lennon is on the other side of the mountain, at peace with himself and done chasing the almost impossible legacy of his father.

For starters, he is a world-class photographer, something his famous dad never dabbled in. But more importantly, he is using his name and celebrity to do good works throughout the world.

"He is truly walking the walk," remarks Bourgeois. "I was so impressed with his commitment that I have decided to include his foundation in my Kick-Finisher program."