Jessy Lanza Announces 2014 Tour Dates

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After releasing her memorable and standout debut album 'Pull My Hair Back', Jessy Lanza will be kicking off her North American tour beginning on the 15th in Montreal, stopping in Brooklyn, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and ending in San Francisco on the 25th.

The tour is to promote her album release, which was in September. This will be the first time touring the United States for Lanza, who is based in Hamilton, Ontario.

'Pull My Hair Back' is "an incredible debut, one that seamlessly flows with the gorgeous confidence between R&B, electronic and pop," a recent press release describes Lanza's album.

"And that sensibly places her on the label that houses such innovators as Burial, DJ Rashad, Laurel Halo, Kode9 and more.

The record speaks to Lanza's impressive intuition and ability to blend genres, placing her in multiple year end lists to her forward-thinking yet accessible sound and style."

Both Resident Advisor and The Guardian have included 'Pull My Hair Back' in their Best Albums of 2013, and those aren't he only critics Jessy Lanza is gaining the love from.

"Her Aaliyah nods come in the sweetness of her voice, even when Ms.

Lanza is in the thick of it, she sounds like a dream," New York Times states about the album.

"'Pull My Hair Back' rings with a level of confidence surprising for a first record: Lanza experiments with bold minimalism, and frequently employs her voice to meet melodic and rhythmic ends in non-traditional way, this record's sense of self and attention to detail deserve to be praise," Pitchfork continued.

If a fan of many different genres and talented vocalists, be sure to catch Jessy Lanza on her first ever North American tour this January, and stay tuned for more releases and news from the young artist.