Future's 'Where Ya At' Gets An Epic HLTR$KLTR & MxM Remix

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In July Future released his highly anticipated "DS2" album and one of the stand-out tracks was "Where Ya At" featuring Drake. Now, the track has beenepically remixed by HLTR$KLTR and MxM.

(Audio Below)

"Where Ya At" was one of the heavy hitting trap songs featured on the "DS2" project and really set the album off. What HLTR$KLTR and MxM did was slightly tweak it for more of a dub-step/EDM feel and it's pretty successful.

They also highlighted the mystical sounds that resemble and old country banjo strumming along. All of the main contents of Future's track remains in tact but the slight tweaks give the track another crowd to look forward to.

There has been a lot of positive feedback from Future's "DS2" album so it's not surprise that other artists are taking notice as well.

This remix was posted to Audiomack's Electronic section by the Mixtape Republic. You can check out the remix below and let us know if you think the DJ's did the track justice with their remix.

Listen to the HLTR$KLTR and MxM remix of "Where Ya At"