Still Got It? Hurricane Chris

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I usually fear when an artist comes in the game really young, and I fear most when they have success. Some years ago, a young rapper from Louisiana made himself present on the rap scene and boy was it infectious.

He jumped on to the rap train with a song called "Aye Bay Bay" which was on ode to one of Louisiana's premier Dj's. It was huge. Then he got a remix filled with all stars. The song and its remix were automatic hits. I loved it. It was in the club like the bouncers at that time.

It bubbled and then just like I feared, the hurricane came and disappeared. Of course he tried to claw his way back recreating himself, showing up in commercials - but that didn't work. Through all of this, I always ask where they end up and/or do they still have it.

Well, the hurricane came back. Not as big as I wanted him to but still present. I love seeing him start the engines back up rather than get on the road and cause a huge unnecessary collision.

The talent was there. Is was something you couldn't doubt. He looked like he was ready to get back in the ring and I loved it. He cut the hair, cleaned up the act, no jewelry but he still had the flames. I was anxious to see what else he could and would pull out his hat. Hopefully the next move is that single I wanted.

In a market where rappers pop up and then disappear, it will be good to see a comeback from someone that I feel deserves it and can do good his second time around. He will be just fine. Get that big single and use the "I was young" as an excuse in interviews and they will overlook everything else.

Salute to Hurricane Chris for having the bravery. Lets hope the music follows up now.

Hurricane Chris "Im a stoner" Freestyle: