Kbit Releases New Electro-House Album 'Un Boombox Symphonique'

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From one electronic music guru to another, this is definitely a new release to pay attention to. Kbit, an Australian electronic and downtempo house musician from Melbourne, has released 'Un Boombox Symphonique".

Released on February 10th, Kbit channels some inner sounds and inspiration comparable to those of DJ Shadow, Bonobo and Orbital.

The production of the album has taken years and years of music producing, and takes a more personal approach to Kbit's music than some of his previous work under the name Andreadis.

The album was written and created with the image in mind of an astronaut floating through space, and really does live up to that image.

'Un Boombox Symphonique' touches on falling in love with music in the 90's and mixes a wide variety of different sounds and genres of electronic music.

If you are a fan of electronic music but not wanting to jump right into listening to heavy house, what Kbit has to offer may be right up your alley. The soothing synths combined with eclectic beats make his work easy to listen to and more relaxing opposed to other heavy genres of EDM. To listen to Kbit's full album 'Un Boombox Symphonique', visit www.soundcloud.com/kbit-music/sets/kbit-un-boombox-symphonique.