Clairity's Cover of Coldplay's 'Don't Panic' is Simply Incredible

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It's been a couple of days since Super Bowl 50 and the big teaser trailer for the X-Men: Apocalypse movie coming later on in the year.

However, we still can't seem to get over the incredible Clairity cover of Coldplay's song "Don't Panic."

The teaser trailer, which can be seen below, is a mixture of intense apocalyptic images, your favorite X-Men characters and then there is this haunting and epic cover of a Coldplay track that as featured on the band's debut album Parachutes.

Clairity's voice features a truly original tone and lends itself well to the dark and haunting nature of the cover.

The original track was subdued and a lot more melancholic, this brilliant cover takes on a whole new identity distancing itself from the original in every way except for the lyrics. Clairity's music has also been featured on MTV's Teen Wolf.

Her track "Exorcism" had fans of the show scrambling to find out what they were listening to.

If you were one of those fans, you know that the track was featured on Clairity's Alienation EP. If you liked her cover of "Don't Panic," Clairity has taken it upon herself to create a playlist of "Don't Panic" inspired songs for her fans.

Listen to Clairity's "Don't Panic" Cover below.