Howard Stern Talks Oasis and More With Liam Gallagher

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Oasis' Liam Gallagher was on The Howard Stern Show today to talk about his music, sing a few bars, and more with Howard Stern.

Howard Stern had Liam Gallagher play an acoustic version of Wonderwall before doing a wide ranging interview with Gallagher.

In the interview, Gallagher opened up about a lot of Oasis secrets, including what happened with his brother. Gallagher talked about how drinking was a big part of the attitude, and that he tried to stop but wasn't able to.

Gallagher took a few swipes at U2, saying that they weren't rock and roll, except for taking their paychecks. And they're too corporate. He talked about how Noel was 'up [U2's] arse.'

Why does he call Noel a 'potato'? "Every time I look at him I just see a potato."

He wanted to have the real rock and roll attitude, and that included trashing hotels rooms. Gallagher said he didn't have that many women, but he was chased down by a bunch of guys.

Why was the drummer kicked out of Oasis? Noel told Liam that he wanted him out, but they all agreed. They had been losing patience with him for a while. Liam actually didn't know what happened with his lawsuit.

Gallagher also noted that during Don't Look Back in Anger, he would walk off the stage and do a line.

Regarding his new album, Gallagher explained that he wrote a few songs and then was set up with some co-producers. He said he doesn't care about money -- "I came in with no money, I'll go out with no money."

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