The Weeknd's "King Of The Fall" Shares Name With Upcoming Tour

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It seems like last week was dedicated to the OVO Label and all of its artists including leader Drake, however, things just continue to get better with The Weeknd releasing 'King Of The Fall,' another new track with all of the fixins from a classic Weeknd track.

The Weeknd released the title for the for the song which happens to share the same name with his upcoming tour featuring TDE's Schoolboy Q and Jhene Aiko, according to It's getting harder to dissect his music because much of it is the same.

That being said there is no reason not to listen to the music as it is always pretty solid.

He simply continues the style that he started out with mixed with some variations here and there just to add a little extra flavor.

The R&B music is unlike a lot that we hear from Trey Songz or Chris Brown but it is successful all the same. Head over to to listen for yourself.