Have You Heard Dave East's new Track 'No Time'?

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One of the hottest upcoming names in hip-hop, Dave East has returned with a new track titled, "No Time." With his appearance on Meek Mill's 4/4 Part Two, it's very likely that the internet is going to get a serious dose of East ahead, starting with the new track.

In "No Time," East makes his rhymes look completely effortless in the DJ OP produced track. Production is pretty bass heavy and a bit sinister. East's hook is pretty simple for a track that seems tailored to the streets.

"No Time" is pretty braggadocios but East has proven himself as an artist that can match almost any style of hip-hop.

The drug and money riddled verses run for almost four minutes straight. East also outlines all of the things he plans to buy as the money continues to go up.

Recently, Meek Mill called on East and Future for a revised rendition of DMX's "Slippin." East delivered a pretty heavy verse about being broke and turning to the streets in order to make some money. It's not really clear if East is choosing sides in the whole Drake V.S. Meek situation but for now East looks to be carving his own path with razor-sharp lyrics.

Listen to Dave East's "No Time" below.