Lil Yachty Wants to Work With Coldplay's Chris Martin

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You know that you're making an impact on the music scene when you're interviewed by Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Lil Yachty recently got to experience what it was like to be in shock by how much research Nardwuar actually does.

Lil Yachty was genuinely shocked by how much Nardwuar knew about him. It's nothing new for fans of Nardwuar but the reactions were priceless. Fans may have also learned a lot from the interview.

For instance, Lil Yachty didn't always have those braids and beads. He sported a pretty sick fro back in the day. He also attended a rights of passage summer camp when he was younger.

What surprised us the most was the fact that Yachty is a huge Coldplay fan.

His favorite album from the group is Ghost Stories and he even gave fans a mimi-cover of "Always In My Head." Yachty told Nardwuar that he know all of the lyrics to every song on the album.

He then went on to confirm that he would love to work with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

If you want to see Lil Yachty get the shock of his life from all of the information that Nardwuar was able to dig up on him you can in the video below.

Watch Lil Yachty and Nardwuar's Interview