Bands to Look Out For: Speedy Ortiz

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Though Massachusetts indie band Speedy Ortiz has been on the rise for quite a while now (they started back in 2011), it's just now that they've started to break into the mainstream scene.

Their debut album, 'Major Arcana,' which was released in 2013, was met with a warm reception, having been named Best New Music by Pitchfork; overnight the band transformed from a humble lo-fi project to a vibrant force in the alt. rock world.

Most recently they played in the SXSW Festival and are currently on a worldwide tour to promote their new album, 'Real Hair,' which came out earlier this year.

The band is composed of singer/songwriter Sadie Dupuis, bassist Darl Ferm, drummer Mike Falcone, and guitarist Matt Robidoux. Speedy Ortiz's sound is informed by 90s alt. rock, bringing to mind bands like Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Hole, and Helium, among others.

Raw, punchy vocals are paired with a melodic fuzz that defined their grunge predecessors. Dupuis' lyrics are honest and compelling, rotating between cocky and confrontational (as in their song, "Fun") to incredibly vulnerable and angst-y (as in their song, "No Below").

Her background in poetry is evident in her sophisticated imagery and biting word choices.

Despite their throwback sound, Speedy Ortiz refuses to be pigeon-holed as just another 90s revival band. Sure, they are employing an old sound, but they're using it to say new things and distinguish themselves from all the carbon copies currently flooding the radio.

Unlike most of their contemporaries, Speedy Ortiz has personality, and that means a lot these days.