Hear Tan Mom Turn Down John Stamos on Howard Stern Show

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John Stamos was definitely the heartthrob of his time.

With the starring role in "Full House," followed by a string of TV show and even movie appearance. Now, he's well known for catapulting a remake of his 90s hit, "Fuller House" into mainstream media.

So it seems hard to believe that at some point in his life, women could actually turn him down. Now, that's if you believe what Howard Stern had to say about the matter today on his show.

When John Stamos was a guest on the Howard Stern show today, he gave "tan mom" a call and tried to see what might happen if he asked her out.

So John Stamos went ahead and reminded "tan mom" about his role on General Hospital and even his stint playing a physician on "ER."

He made plenty of suggestions about where they should go on their date, including a possible outing to a comedy club or dinner and a movie. Still, somehow "tan mom" was not impressed and eventually begged off of the call.

John Stamos was left to discuss with Howard and Robin the shock of being rejected for the first time in his life.

Even Howard and Robin were aghast about the event. Howard Stern thought "tan mom" would freak out about John Stamos and was thrown off to find out how unremarkable her respone was.

Also on today's Howard Stern show, Howard celebrated the 25th anniversary of people yelling "Baba Booey" at the recording studio. Howard Stern explained the history of the term. Reportedly, at the Amy Fisher trial, someone had yelled "Baba Booey."

Howard Stern went on to say that somehow, the phrase gained popularity on his show, especially back when he used to record in a clearly visible studio where people could look through the glass and yell out to them while they were recording.

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