Where Did Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Go?

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Last year was an amazing year for the duo of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The pair burst into fame with the hit Thrift Shop, which as of writing this has surpassed 500M views on YouTube.

Who knew that buys at the thrift shop would inspire this level of rap stardom.

The pair then followed up that success with Same Love, which became an anthem for the gay rights movement. Then the two sort of just cooled off. They are not a one-hit-wonder, but are they a two-hit wonder?

Macklemore started out rapping back in 2000 when he was 26, but he didn't really receive any critical fame until late 2012. He had battled drug and alcohol addiction early in his career but seems to have broken through it all.

Along with the new fame came a new level of tour and a new level of public scrutiny. But all in all, the two have done extremely well for themselves and won 4 Grammy's at the January 2014 award show.

So the big question now is: Where have they been? Macklemore is avid on Twitter and posts a ton everyday, so he is still very much active. The same can be said for Ryan Lewis .

Back in summer of 2013, Macklemore told the website HitFix that they were burnt out from touring The Heist album.

Speaking at the Grammy Museum here Wednesday night, Lewis admitted that the pressure to top themselves following the platinum success of "The Heist" was there, but that the duo knew it would be wrong to try to rush out a follow-up quickly --although he added the next album might not take the three years it took to make "The Heist."

So it might not take 3 years, but it has at least been 1 year. Hopefully they are working hard in the studio. In the meantime, they are on a spotty summer tour which is making the rounds in Europe.

At the very least we hope it's not a Dr. Dre situation where they are going to take 15 years.