Ellen Degeneres Is Excited for Halloween

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Ellen Degeneres hosted a children's Halloween costume pageant on her self-titled program Wednesday, joking that she did so because she does not have children, "which is why her nanny was so bored."

The costumes were, of course, part of a bit where she featured kids dressed in costumes like "Pharrell's Hat." She rewarded the kids with candy from a giant hat.

Other goofy costumes included:

A kid in a block of ice mean to be "Frozen"
A child rdessed as Matthew McConaughey from his car commercial
A young girl dressed as an olive, which Ellen finished with a Pope hat, declaring her "Olive Pope" from "Scandal.

It was the exact kind of hokey humor Ellen is famous for, but it did show a genuine enjoyment of the season.

All of the kids received a Nintendo WiiU for taking part in the bit.