Trinidad Jame$ And iLoveMakonnen Present 'H.O.M.E' (Hating On Me)

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As Trinidad Jame$ was released from Def Jam, he is still finding a way to release hits for his fans and keep his music career afloat by releasing "H.O.M.E" (Hating On Me) featuring iLoveMakonnen.

Trinidad Jame$ made his come up just as his feature iLoveMakonnen and another artist by the name of Bobby Shmurda.

He released a hit "All Gold Everything," which went viral and then became the subject of freestyles and remixes.

iLoveMakonnen recently saw a boost in popularity after Drake remixed "Tuesday," the happy go-lucky party song with infectious hook that you literally won't be able to get out of your head.

"H.O.M.E" is one of those songs that say "sorry haters keep hating because the money will continue to come in no matter what." Jame$ and Makonnen are basically tell their haters to go kick rocks because they won't tolerate anymore hating.

The beat has a positive notion and encourages others to continue to "ball" and not to pay attention to any negativity.

Jame$ is expected to release his album on September 23 according to, initially he promised fans a free release but no concrete details have been put into place at the moment.

In the meantime, you can listen to "H.O.M.E" over at