Jay Hardway Releases New Single "Bootcamp"

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Jay Hardway, who was partly responsible for the incredible dance floor destroyer "Wizard" (in collaboration with Martin Garrix), drops his first solo single on Spinnin' Records.

It's goes by the name of "Bootcamp" and boy it's a big one! Huge melodies swirl while the tracks builds to massive heights. Make sure you brace yourself for the drop, cause it will knock you straight off your feet!

Jay Hardway started producing music when he was fourteen years old. Starting with small gigs in pubs by the time he reached 18 years of age he was playing for bigger crowds in clubs.
His track "Error 404" with Martin Garrix, released in March 2013, reached #16 in the Beatport chart.

The tune, released on Doorn Records, has over 1.8 million views on YouTube.

This resulted in a growing number of bookings around the globe.The collaboration with superstar Martin Garrix was such a big success that the two teamed up again on 'Wizard'.

With support from the biggest DJ's in the world, 3,6 million views on YouTube in one week, a #1 position in the DMC Buzz Chart a week before release and a phenomenal #1 position on Beatport two days after the release.

With his frequently posted impressive 'Inspire' podcasts, gigs around the globe and the quick rise of 'Wizard' it's safe to say that Jay Hardway's agenda will be a whole lot busier this year.

This boy is set for great things. For more information visit www.jayhardway.com.