Ranidu Releases TJR "What's Up Suckaz" Remix

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Ranidu is known around the world as the pioneer of electronic music in Sri Lanka, and was the first ever from Sri Lanka to perform at Ultra Music Festival and Coachella Music Festival.

The talented electronic music artist just recently released his remix of TJR's "What's Up Suckaz".

Ranidu created the new electronic music genre "bailatronic" that blends together Baila, the folk dance music of Sri Lanka, along with different styles and genres of dance music that we hear around the industry. This new take on electronic music is being praised by tons of higher-ups in the industry, and certainly something that is making a move onto the scene.

Ranidu is also known for his three platinum selling albums and for performing around the world in 15 different countries, including a performance at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

"The future, combining baila sounds with elements of trap, big room and bounce music," is how LessThan3.com described the new genre created by Ranidu.

"He has taken the rhythms of baila music and re-imagined it through his set of computers to come up with this," Nihal from BBC Radio 1 explained. "Unrecognizable in a village in Sri Lanka but hype on Radio1 and 1XTRA!"

If you are looking for something electronic and eclectic, be sure to check out some of the tracks and work that Ranidu has to offer - think electronic music with a hard international flare - certainly worth a listen!