Slack Armada Delivers Unique Sound with Self-Titled EP

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James Hrabak, a Chicago native, has brought a unique sound to music with the release of his self titled EP. Hrabak has created a new musical project titled Slack Armada.

His work is "a solo effort that embraces ambient, post-rock, electronic, down tempo and shoe gaze music with an emotionally rich and uncompromising feel".

Hrabak, who is proficient with many different instruments, got his start in the music industry with creating indie-rock, shoe gaze and noise rock. His music became dormant for a few years until he decided to embark on his new Slack Armada music project.

Hrabak has explained that Slack Armada has been a reawakening of the creative waves he was having that just wouldn't die.

"There was an aligning of the planets," Hrabak stated. "For me, this project feels a lot like waking up, like a rebirth."

'Slack Armada', released in early October, has gained a great amount of positive feedback from music critics around the world.

The EP has revealed four different tracks. The artist uses different melodies and beats to express the narrative of the song, rather than using lyrics, which Hrabak stated he didn't have in mind all along.

"As I was building up the tracks, I thought, maybe I can make the music speak to somebody without the additional guide of a human voice. I wanted to let the listener be transported with fewer guideposts," he explained.

This factor in play of the music, is what makes the EP so unique and different. The music takes on a more artful approach, touching on interesting uses of beats and sounds capes.

With musical influences from Four Tet, Boards of Canada, Mogwai, Broken Social Scene and My Bloody Valentine, Slack Armada touches on a wide range of music genres.

Hrabak plans for this release to be just the first of many other upcoming releases for Slack Armada.

Hrabak mentioned that his release of 'Slack Armada' is just a preview of what has yet to come, stating, "I have so much music cooking now, and I'm very excited about what's coming next."

If you are a fan of the work of Flaming Lips, M83 and LCD Soundsystem, you will love the unique and eclectic sounds Hrabak has to offer music fans of all kinds with his Slack Armada solo project.

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