Big Sean Talks Raising $100,000 For Residents of Flint, Michigan

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah featured Big Sean as one of their latest guests. During his interview with Noah, Sean chatted about raising $100,000 for the residents of Flint, Michigan and much more.

Sean's upcoming album I Decided is just a little over a week away and he has been on a complete press tour. Noah congratulated Sean on his single, "Bounce Back" going Gold and asked him what L's he has taken in life.

Sean said many, but stated that the biggest L he recently took was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. His phone happened to be ringing during a live interview.

After speaking about his album being a snapshot of real life, Sean was asked about his efforts in Flint, Michigan. The Detroit native, has the Sean Anderson foundation where he gives back to the youth.

He knows that the water situation in Flint isn't over and was disgusted to think about the damage the families had to go through.

He revealed that they raised over $100,000 for Flint that goes to supporting the families and helping them acquire clean water.

You can hear all of the amazing things Big Sean is doing for the community in The Daily Show with Trevor Noah video below.

Big Sean Talks Raising $100,000 For Residents of Flint, Michigan