Wiz Khalifa Comes Up With Raps In His Sleep: 'Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album'

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One of social medias most influential rappers Wiz Khalifa, continues to dispense some pretty key information as he talks about how he comes up with some of his raps as well as following your own path, while fans might be wondering if there is a new project coming.

When we sleep we wander into a world of dreams or nightmares, but it seems like Khalifa always has his work on his mind because according to one of his most recent tweets, he comes up with raps in his sleep. It's not out of the ordinary for someone to come up with a great idea while sleeping, however, raps might be pretty hard.

It's not as simple as an idea it's maybe a line or two.

Even so, how does he remember them? The mysteries of Mr. Khalifa continues to grow even more but he makes some time to dispense some influential words to his fans and followers.

Prior to giving out his technical creative process (raps in his sleep), Khalifa tweeted, "There's the right way. The wrong way. And your way." At it's true core this tweet is about individuality. How? Well as humans we are told that there are two ways to do something, the right and wrong ways.

However, there is also the path untraveled, one that humans have to wander down all their own. So, it looks like Khalifa may be preferring the road less traveled.

Meanwhile, Khalifa did release the name of his possible next album.

"Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album" was tweeted by Khalifa on May 21 and with the new tracks he's been releasing there is a strong possibility that fans will be treated to another Wiz Khalifa album.

In the meantime, while fans wait for confirmation thy can enjoy some of Khalifa's recent releases including, "The Play."