Kid Cudi Begins Assembling The Team For 'Man On The Moon 3' Album

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It looks like Kid Cudi might be jumping back into the rap game as today he tweeted intentions of making "Man On The Moon 3" album but only with the help of a certain few who had been there since the beginning.

"I can't and won't make MOTM3 w/o Pat, Emile and A-Trak in the studio. We started together, we finish this together.

It's time to assemble the team," tweeted Cudi just a few hours ago.

If fans want to receive the final installment in the series it looks like they will need the albums top tier producers that helped Cudi in the past.

Cudi also mentioned Do Da Genius after the tweet as he also played a part in the making of the classic albums.

Two of the artists have already voice their excitement and agreed to help since Cudi's tweet.

"@KidCudi let's go!! The worlds needs motm3!" Fuck yes!!! So fuckin happy man, im bout to cry haha," tweeted Plain Pat.

"@KidCudi the bat-signal is heard loud and clear, homie. Let's do this," tweeted A-Trak.

If everyone signs on it looks like fans are in for some classic Kid Cudi as he continues his quest to reassemble the team behind the magic.

This should be very very good for Cudi fans and Hip-Hop fans as well.