Aan Announces Release of Debut LP 'Amor Ad Nauseum'

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Aan, an experimental pop band rising from the grounds of Portland, Oregon, have announced their debut LP release of 'Amor Ad Nauseum', set to be released in early February 2014.

To promote their upcoming LP release, the band premiered their new single "I Don't Need Love", which is available for streaming and download now on Stereogum.

This four-piece band first began as a "bedroom pop project" but has recently taken a more straightforward approach to working their way into the ears of music listeners everywhere.

Their music is a mix of "freakish folk ballads" and "deep sonic explorations", leading them to fall perfectly into the genre of experimental pop.

Aan spent last spring and summer performing at festivals including SXSW and Music Fest NW, and even had the opportunity to tour alongside The Smashing Pumpkins and Built to Spill, as well as Wye Oak, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Red Fang, Gardens & Villa, Bosnian Rainbows - among many others.

With such company, there isn't any doubt that the band won't obtain a strong following and fan base even before their debut LP is released.

Bud Wilson, the front man of the four-piece band, is known to reach octaves comparable to Jeff Buckley, while the rest of his band mates "follow suit by matching his caterwaul with cooing harmonies and a measured rhythmic pulse", explained a recent press release in promotion of Aan's upcoming release.

'Amor Ad Nauseum' is set to be released on February 4th off the Portland record label Party Damage. The album has taken two years to record and produce, both in a number of recording studios as well as a cabin along the coast of Oregon.

The album has gained much attention and praise from music publications and critics around the country.

Artist Direct recently described the band as "sliding from snappy melodies and shimmering guitars into hauntingly catchy choruses, making for visual, vibrant and vital rock and roll."

The album is set to explore many different themes and feelings.

Whether you are looking to touch on devotion and desire, or loneliness and desperation - the tracks are filled with love and lust, feelings upon feelings, all which were real and put into the work of the album.

Following the release of 'Amor Ad Nauseum', Aan plans to head out on tour and continue performing around the states as well as festivals this coming spring and into the summer months.

Come early 2014, be sure to be on the lookout for the release of Aan's debut album 'Amor Ad Nauseum', and take a listen to the unique music Aan is creating on Sound Cloud // http://soundcloud.com/weareaan.