The Top 6 Sia YouTube Video Moments

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Sia has managed to become a pop star without showing her face.

The reclusive singer has accomplished that by releasing a series of clever (and bizarre) videos and performances which have helped her latest album, "1000 Forms Of Fear," become a chart topper.

The enigmatic singer has had a weird relationship with fame as her greatest success has actually come writing songs for other artists.

Not only did she pen "Diamonds" for Rihanna, her demo of the song became the blueprint for how it was recorded.

In general, she has avoided showing her face in public and she only recorded the album after her record label agreed to her restrictions on how she would promote it.

Not wanting to be seen or be famous in the traditional sense has led to some very creative methods for promoting the album. Here's a look at some of them as well as some other info about the reluctant star.