Brazilian Singer and Songwriter, Eron Falbo, Prepares for Debut Release

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Brazilian singer and songwriter, Eron Falbo, is preparing for his upcoming debut album release of '73'. The talented artist gained inspiration from many musical influences including Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel and Johnny Cash.

Falbo didn't get his start in the music industry by writing and producing songs, but instead by DJing and spinning his favorite tracks at local clubs and parties. From there, he formed the cover band Os Julianos with a few others, and began to produce his own material.

Falbo then moved to London, where his career launched with the release of his 1960's inspired single "Beat the Drums".

Falbo then went on to creating his debut album '73' with the help of Bob Johnston.

The album is "a lyrical dose of rock & roll, themed around ethical self-improvement, submerged in the exploration of cosmic hidden truths and illustrated by a new voice with a charmingly idiosyncratic perspective".

'73' is set to be released on May 27th and is available for listening below on Soundcloud. Be sure to take a peek at what Eron Falbo has to offer listeners and fans of his eclectic taste in music.