Maya Vik Prepares for Release off 'Lay Low' EP

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Norwegian musical artist, Maya Vik, is known for her success in Norway, winning a Grammy and touring around the world with big-name artists including Lenny Kravitz and her own trio band.

On Monday December 16th, the artist will release her much anticipated 'Lay Low' EP. A preview of the EP is available today on Idolator, and will officially be released via Oslo Records come early next week.

"As we settle into winter, the days get shorter, the temperature drops and the desire for hibernation begins to set in.

Maya Vik's 'Lay Low' EP will tuck you in and kiss you goodnight as you slip deeper into the sleepy solstice", a recent press release described the EP.

In Oslo, Norway - where Maya Vik calls home - this time of year and season is all about gathering friends and celebrating being together.

Her EP is doing the same, gathering her friends together (Dawn Richard, Little Pain, Morgan Phalen and Handerre Linni) and is much like winter as well, with a continuous beat going on throughout each of the five songs of the EP. "While the beat remains the same, each song stands on its own and highlights the five stages of a winter romance, from the cautious yet magical beginning, to the tragically incomprehensible end."

Maya Vik's release has been compared to the sexy sounds of Prince, Janet and Vanity 6, and described as "music to make babies to".

Vik takes a turn from these sultry sounds and adds in electronic and funk-pop beats, mixed with thumping bass lines. After 'Lay Low', be sure to look out for more singles out from Maya Vik in 2014.