Femme Announces North American Tour Dates

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Laura Bettinson, also known as the UK singer and songwriter Femme, will make her debut in North America on December 2nd with scheduled performance dates in Los Angeles, New York and Brooklyn.

The tour will be to promote and support her latest release Double A-Side. Today marks the day where Femme's latest singles off the album are released.

Femme's latest singles "Heartbeat" and "Fever Boy" are about exploring the hardships and aftermath of relationships.

Femme is known as the newest DIY pop star, everything she does is all on her own.

Everything on Double A-Side is Femme: the singles, the songwriting, the artwork, the videos, the production - everything! The album will even be released on a heart shaped vinyl.

Aside from creating her own work, Femme has time to front the supergroup Ultraista, which was formed by Nigel Godrich, producer of the ever popular Radiohead.

For go-to girl tunes, download "Heartbeat" and "Fever Boy", available now on Femme's website, www.thisisfemme.com.