MTV 'Catfish' Recap: Season 5 Episode 18 - Are Graham and his Giant Mansion Real? (Spoilers)

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This week's episode of MTV's Catfish follows a woman named Catherine who found a guy with a hashtag search. Now she must figure out if that guy is real.

Catherine is a college student from Long Island. She just finished her freshman year. But alongside her studies, she has an interesting hobby: stalking guys online.

Catfish: Is Catherine the Latest Victim?

One day, she decided to search the hashtag #countryboy, and found a guy named Graham.

She decided to send him a message, telling him he's the hottest country boy online, and he responded that he thought Catherine was hot as well.

Catherine has been talking to Graham for two years, and calls him his first love. She's willing to change colleges to be with him.

But Catherine and Graham have never seen each other on video, because his camera has apparently been "broken" for the past two years.

Interestingly, Catherine had planned to meet Graham in his hometown in Tennessee, but for some reason, she -- not Graham -- got scared at the last minute and didn't go.

The Catfish team meets Catherine at her house, where she has food waiting for them. We find out that Catherine has had a tough last few years.

Her mother recently got cancer, and has been unable to walk -- and therefore, work.

So Catherine has been doing all of the work at home, and she became depressed. Graham proved to be an escape for her -- "he's been with me through it all." They've discussed their marriage and their wedding.

But they've also had problems. They have fought over Catherine's drinking and partying. And Catherine thinks Graham is a bit ashamed of her because she's not conservative enough for him.

The Catfish Team Begins the Search

So off goes the Catfish team to do more research. They find Graham's Twitter, which doesn't seem to reflect his Instagram page.

Also, although Graham had told Catherine that he didn't have a Facebook account, they find one. They decide to contact Graham's friend, and they quickly get a response.

They talk to a guy named Reynolds. He's one of Graham's best friends, but he's never heard of Catherine.

He tells the guys that Graham's account had been hacked a few years ago. They find out that the phone number they got from Catherine isn't Graham's number (according to Reynolds).

When the Catfish team returns to see Catherine, they tell her what they found.

They hypothesize that the fake Graham is someone who knows the real Graham, based on his Florida phone number. The other option, they say, is that Graham may be real, and he doesn't want to tell anyone about Catherine.

The Catfish team calls the phone number to talk to "Graham." Graham seems nervous when Nev talks to him, but he agrees to meet in Nashville.

Later, Nev gets a text from "Graham" saying that he doesn't feel comfortable meeting at his house, but he agrees to meet at a local park in the evening.

The Catfish Team Visits Graham

Catherine and the Catfish team arrive at the park, and they wait. They text "Graham" and suddenly a beat-up old Chevy SUV comes by -- but it's nothing.

Then they call, but nobody picks up. Catherine, crying, decides to call home.

In the evening, Catherine texts Graham saying he has one last shot. He texts Nev back asking the Catfish team to meet him at his house.

Catherine and the Catfish team arrive at Graham's address in Nashville, and find a giant mansion.

Nev rings the doorbell, and out comes the real Graham. His excuse is that his mom tells him what to do and he couldn't go out the day before.

He does say that his camera really didn't work, and gives a bunch of weak excuses to the team's questions.

Graham says the whole thing was no big deal, and he nonchalantly says he's glad they were able to meet.

But he says he's not in love with Catherine, and his statements that led her on were "lighthearted -- come on." He says if he led her on, he screwed up, and he didn't mean any harm.

Catherine goes back to the car in anger, while Nev goes inside to talk to Graham more.

Graham says his goal was to be the friend that was there for her -- "it's about being there for people." But he continues to think he's in the right.

The Meeting: Catherine and Graham

Catherine then returns and tells Graham "you kind of f--- with my head." Graham responds, "I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you." He again says he didn't think anything about the whole situation.

But Catherine is devastated. Graham says he hopes to keep the connection alive, but Catherine isn't having it.

Two months later, Catherine tells the Catfish team that she will be Graham's friend again one day, but she's not ready yet.

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