The Falling Birds Announce Release of Debut EP

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The Falling Birds, a new band rising from New York City, have announced the release to their debut EP 'Native America' mid-June.

The band is similar sounding to The Black Lips and Bright Eyes, with lead songwriter Stephen Artemis bringing in his grunge and post-punk sounds from the 90's.

Artemis has used stories and memories from his time in the 90's to put into his music and songwriting. After a few years of performing his own music around New York City with different band members, Artemis teamed up with drummer Dave Burton and bassist Nick Albury last year.

After teaming up and collaborating, the three realized that they could really make an impact in the cut-throat music scene of the concrete jungle.

The Falling Birds performed and attracted a huge following to their live shows, and it wasn't long until they decided to produce and record their upcoming debut EP 'Native America' in a friend's basement studio.

The band mixes genres of music including blues and country, grunge and rock, which really enhances the eclectic sound The Falling Birds portrays through their music.

For their 'Native America' EP, each member of the trio "turned their stage prescence into an electrical signal", a recent press release stated.

The upcoming release is bound to gain the band even more of a following than their live shows, attracting fans of different alternative, rock and indie bands.

I took a listen to the new EP from The Falling Birds, which could be heard below on Soundcloud.

As a huge fan of Bright Eyes, I can't wait to see what else this trio has in store for their fans and listeners to come.

For more information on The Falling Birds, visit, and be on the lookout for more releases and performance announcements coming from this band on the rise!