Whoa, Howard Stern Throws Some Shade At Ryan Seacrest

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This morning, on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM, Howard Stern started the morning off by talking about Ryan Seacrest and his show with Kelly Ripa.

Howard thinks that ABC has offered Seacrest between $17 and $20 million as a contract for his hosting the show.

But while talking about that, he got into another subject regarding Seacrest: how much money they make.

Stern claims that Seacrest is essentially jealous of him because Stern makes more money, and he only had to do one show as opposed to multiple.

Jealous? Ouch.

Here's what Stern said on the show this morning:

I know this from several people is that -- why doesn't he -- like I work one job, and he has to work like 70 jobs, and he's complaining that he still does make more money than me. He's very hung up on that -- from people who know him.


In other words, he's like, in order to make what I'm making, he's got like 15 jobs. He's got radio most morning show in Los Angeles; he's got a syndicated show that airs around the country...and he's then got a clothing line and he's got a skincare line coming out, then he's got Live...and he does the E! Network...

And his beef is, according to people who know him, he still doesn't make more money than me. And he's like well you know, he even took on a newspaper route in order to just catch up...and he's like, kind of like disturbed.

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