A$AP Rocky Defends Kid Cudi In Lupe Fiasco Twitter Beef: ASAP's Favorite Rapper Is Schoolboy Q

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The man who gave us "Multiply" and "Pretty Flacko 2" in preparations for his new album A$AP Rocky, took to Twitter to defend Kid Cudi and announce who his favorite rapper is.

Rocky tweeted, "CUDI IS FATHER TO MOST U N***** LOW KEY, PAY RESPECT" yesterday after the whole Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco, fiasco.

In a recent article published by Billboard, Kendrick Lamar spoke about the Michael Brown decision to which Kid Cudi took to twitter to tweet, "Dear black artists, dont talk down on the black community like you are Gods gift to niggaz everywhere."

Lamar insisted that there was something wrong in his neighborhood and that in order to gain respect people must first respect themselves.

Cudi took Lamar's words as a negative outlook on the black community which prompted his response, that's when Lupe Fiasco responded with some insight of his own directed towards Cudi.

"How about you stop shitting on the people who really cared about your well being when this biz was ripping you apart.

Fake ass @KidCudi," tweeted Fiasco.

There is clearly some kind of underlying feud between Cudi and Fiasco as the two were at each other earlier last year when Fiasco came under fire from Cudi who suggested Fiasco was swindling fans out of their money.

In the end Cudi responded with the final comment above directed towards Fiasco and A$AP made sure to tell the world that even though he spoke highly of Cudi, ScHoolBoy Q is still his favorite rapper.

The two worked on track such the Cudi sampled "Hands On The Wheel" off Q's "Habits & Contradictions," "PMW" off Rocky's "Long.Live.A$AP" album and "Brand New Guy" off Rocky's "LiveLoveASAP" mixtape.