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Today, I spent time beating myself up. Why, you ask? Simple.

I spent time listening to the genius work of an artist that will and can never be replaced. Daley impressed the hell out of me a couple months ago when I heard him team up with Marsha Ambrosius for a song called "Alone Together". Daley was a monster, and even that was an understatement. He was small in body but his voice, that voice was so beyond captivating.

I researched a little bit of him at that time and found out he was from the UK and even though I was amazed by his voice, what I really wanted to know was where the hell did he hide that accent? But who was I fooling, that was the least of my worries. I was more worried that a ton of people had heard of him before I did.

I had to find out more about Mr. Daley. I watched live performances, interviews, read all sorts of blogs and became a fan - maybe even a superfan or groupie.

I then heard another song which was too good. The song was titled "Those Who Wait", speaking about the problems and perils of the music game. He told himself that he knew he had talent but the most important thing to have was patience. This patience he sang about was something a lot of artist didn't possess and the way he sang about it made me re-evaluate my patience.

He has a look that some would question but he has music that is through that makes you look past that. His album is full of awesome songs that have an international feel and gives a lot of himself to the listeners.

He even puts all of himself into doing covers of other peoples songs and that again amazes me.

His interviews give insight and he tells a lot of who is and gives all to his fans and supporters.

I give Daley another year or so to the name in R&B and soul that everybody mentions, but I am surprised he already isn't the talk of the town - but as Daley himself says "good thing comes to those who wait".