Hear Howard Stern Play Hilarious Games With Trump Impersonator

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Howard Stern welcomed Donald Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik to The Howard Stern Show. The crew had a lot of fun, and played a hilarious game called "Wheel of Bombing."

Atamanuik has a new show on Comedy Central, which he was promoting today on Howard's show. Atamanuik's show, The President Show has had guests including Keith Olbermann, Dan Savage, and Linda Sarsour. This week, his guest will be Deepak Chopra.

The first thing Howard did with Atamanuik was play "Wheel of Bombing." Howard spun a wheel to pick a country, and Atamanuik as Trump would decide whether to bomb the country.

For instance, Howard spun France, which Trump/Atamanuik didn't want to bomb because they allow underage girls to drink alcohol.

You can hear the clip here:

Howard also discussed the ins and outs of portraying Trump, including understanding his ticks, etc.

Atamanuik has to pay careful attention to Trump and how he speaks, and acts. In fact, Trump has at some points done what Atamanuik came up with on the show.

You can listen to a clip of Atamanuik discussing that here:

Atamanuik started doing his impersonation of Trump during the campaign in 2016. He did debates with a Bernie Sanders impersonator before getting a gig on Comedy Central.

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