What Fans Are Tweeting About Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz 'Collegrove' Album

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On March 4, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz released their collaborative effort Collegrove and it has been met with some pretty good feedback from fans. We decided to compile some of the best tweets about the album so far.

Collegrove is a 13 track album from 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne who teased the album for quite some time before it finally came to fruition. Now, upon it's release it is one of the three major releases on the hip-hop charts with Kendrick Lamar's Untitled Unmastered and Bas' Too High To Riot being the other two.

To celebrate the release of the album 2 Chainz has created a website and interface that allows fans to create their own album art for Collegrove.

The original album art features 2 Chainz with Lil Wayne's tattoos, so fans who visit the site can put Lil Wayne's tattoos on their own face.

Collegrove features some pretty incredible production and 2 Chainz and Wayne at their lyrical best. Some might argue that this is the best Lil Wayne they've heard in some time.

You can check out what other fans are saying about the album below and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.