Howard Stern Says "F--- You Billy Graham!"

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Billy Graham, who died a few days ago, has been an extremely controversial figure.  Although many people were extremely saddened when Graham died, Howard Stern was definitely not one of them.

On this morning's The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern did an "obituary" for Graham, and discussed the most controversial aspects of Graham's career.

Stern recounted stories about Nixon and Graham making derogatory statements about Jews, as well as his attacks on gay people.

After calling Graham an "irresponsible douchebag," Stern exclaimed "f--- you Billy Graham...f--- him!"

He continued, "how many gay boys had their parents indoctrinated by Billy Graham?"  Robin continued, "I love all these religious people who have so much hate."

When a man named Mark called in to support Graham, Howard wasn't having it.

Mark insisted that Graham was great because he sold out stadiums. Howard responded, "well Hitler sold out stadiums!" Mark then told Howard that he needs to read his bible.

Howard and Robin then discussed commercial megachurches, and how they prey on people.  

At the end of the segment, Howard played a "call-in" from a fake Pat Robertson, who said "now I'm the only a--hole to trick grandmas into sending me their life's savings."  The fake Robertson continued, "now I'm the number one money takin' a--hole...Billy Graham was one of the last great snake oil bulls--t artists of my day!"

When the clip is available, we will include it here.

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Bill Norton