Ships Have Sailed Drops Music Video for Single "Midnight"

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In preparation for the debut album release next Tuesday, July 15th, Ships Have Sailed has dropped the music video for their lead single "Midnight".

The alternative pop-rock band from Los Angeles is bound to gain the likings of a variety of different music fan. Will Carpenter is the ringleader of the band, forming the group in early 2013.

The singer and songwriter played guitar for the hip-hop rock band 7Lions, and used the material that wouldn't fit into their mix to create his brainchild Ships Have Sailed.

"Like a boat at sea, there are infinite directions our lives can take and every choice we make effects the trajectory of the course we're on.

'Someday' is a delicate reflection on how the present is impacted by all other moments in time," a recent press release from the band described their upcoming EP.

'Someday' will be released on July 15th. To take a listen to what the band has to offer musically to their fans and listeners, visit their Soundcloud page below!