Here's Bryson Tiller's New Album Title

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T R A P S O U L fans have started rejoicing after Bryson Tiller released the title for his upcoming album.

The new album will be called True to Self and it could mean plenty of bangers much like his debut.

According to the tweet below, Tiller is hard at work on the album and won't be stopping until it's all finished.

Fans already started reacting in the ways you would pretty much expect, given the huge success that was T R A P S O U L.

There is no telling what Tiller has planned for the new album but we're hoping a couple of features may make it.

While Tiller hinted an appearance on Drake's upcoming album, More Life, it would be interesting to see if Drizzy returned the favor by jumping on Tiller's True to Self.

Given the title of the album it could just be wishful thinking. As you can remember, Tiller completed a featureless album and True to Self is looking like it will follow suit.

There have been no other concrete details on True to Self, however, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.