Wiz Khalifa DJed Jennifer Lopez's AMA After Party

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While Jennifer Lopez celebrated her performance an hosting honors after the American Music Awards, she had a little help from Wiz Khalifa on the turntables. According to a recent post from Khalifa, he was the DJ at Lopez's AMA afterparty.

In his Twitter post, Khalifa thanked J. Lo for letting him DJ the party and added that it was lit. Also present at the party was J. Lo's ex Puff Daddy.

Khalifa is known for being under the alias DJ Daddy Cat when he's on the turntables and it looks like Daddy Cat was in full fledged DJ mode at the party. Meanwhile, it looks like Khalifa is finding it hard to stay satisfied in life.

Immediately after thanking J. Lo for the DJ honors, Khalifa posted a tweet that alluded to the fact that he doesn't think he'll ever be happy.

While it is pretty unclear as to what might have Khalifa in such an unsatisfied mood, fans can still find joy in the fact that they are getting not one but two Khalifa projects coming. One of the projects will be his Rolling Papers 2 album which has yet to receive a solid release date. However, Khalifa did announce that he will be continuing the Cabin Fever mixtape series with Cabin Fever 3.

Khalifa has had a huge year which was made possible by his hit song "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth.

Stick with Empty Lighthouse for release date details on the upcoming Rolling Papers 2 album as well as the Cabin Fever 3 mixtape. We'll have them for you as soon as they are made available.