Sound Strider Set to Release First of Mixtape Series

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Here we have a unique and eclectic artist to introduce. Sound Strider, an underground electronic artist is preparing to release his new mixtape 'Connect The Drops' this month.

This release will be included in his four piece mixtape series, where each mixtape will have a different focus in both tempo and time of day. Similar sounding to Mr.

Bill, Tom Cosm, Shpongle and Kilowatts, Sound Strider has fully taken on the underground electronic scene with a strong approach.

Sam Walks, the mind behind Sound Strider, grew up listening to classical music and traveling around the world with his father, a cellist of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Walks got involved in music while a teenager, learning to play the drums and performing in both a jazz group and garage rock group.

Playing music was only one of his hobbies, for Walks was also a writing contributor for the popular Australian based dance music website, In The Mix.

As years went by, Walks gained an interest in the "doof scene fusing his break beat roots with the psychedelic sounds of the bush". He ended up moving to France and converted a 19th century agricultural ruin into a recording studio and cultural venue.

The studio has produced albums by Jagwar Ma, Midnight Juggernaughts, Demi Portion, Uffie - among many others. In this time, Walks was also spending his nights DJ'ing in the underground France techno scene.

Sound Strider's work is more psychedelic than it is hard dance music, with a mix of funk. The danceable tunes are great for the dance floor, and really puts you in the state of mind that you are in a foreign discotheque.

He is a different kind of electronic sound for this EDM generation we are currently living in.

His work is definitely something that is bound to hit the states in no time, and 'Connect The Drops' is only just the beginning.

To take a listen to the fancy beats he has to offer, and for more information and releases from Sound Strider, take a visit to his Bandcamp page at, and be on the lookout for more to come from this breakthrough underground gem in the months to come!