Ab-Soul Shows Fans Where He Gets His Weed On Instagram: 'Longterm Mentality 3' Teases

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TDE artist Ab-Soul really knows how to get his fans hyped up as he continues to tease the "Longterm Mentality 3" project but today he gave them a little insight on where he gets his weed from.

Soul took to Twitter and Instagram a posted a photo of a worker at Weedland California weighing out some green for him.

It really is no secret that Soul loves to "blow the trees," his fans are use to all of the marijuana references in his music and quite frankly artists like Soul may have a creative spur from drugs such as marijuana.

My girl @cspilll weighin that work in @weedlandcalifornia || cc: @FrankyKastle

A photo posted by ab-soul (@souloho3) on

Last year there was a lot of controversy surrounding the release date of "These Days." The album was highly anticipated and fans became pretty annoyed at the fact that the release date continuously changed throughout the course of the year.

Projects from each artist on TDE were expected by fans however, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock's albums were both non-existent in 2014.

It's now a new year and anticipation is building around Ab-Soul yet again but this time it's for one of the more beloved projects, "Longterm Mentality." The next installment will turn the projects into a trilogy of music that fans are bound to enjoy for years to come.

Soul has established himself as one of the smartest rappers in Hip-Hop right now when it comes to substance.

His hippy and conspiracy theorist way of rapping shines insight and shows a complete different way of thinking.

Soul was featured on the latest Wale mixtape that was done alongside A-Trak titled, "Festivus." At the moment there is no tentative release date for "LT3" but fans should be expecting it this year for sure.