Fu*k the Facts Share 'Disabused'

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Canadian Grindcore legends Fu*k the Facts have shared a new song, "Disabused," the second off their upcoming EP, Abandoned. Listen below.??

"Disabused" is a slab of the awesomely intense, yet-never-reliant-on-typical-Grindcore-cliches (20 second songs, horror movie samples, endless blasting, etc.), sound that we've come to know and love from this criminally underrated group - the labyrinth guitar runs, start/stop drumming, and positively massive bass recall the mid-2000s heyday of interesting metal, where labels like Relapse were running full steam.??

Fu*k the Facts formed in 1997 in Ottawa, Canada have released 9 studio albums including the critically-acclaimed Stigmata High Five and Backstabber Etiquette. Their latest, 2011's Die Miserable was released on Relapse Records. ??

Abandoned, which will be released digitally on October 1, is comprised of unreleased tracks recorded during the Die Miserable sessions. The band has also pressed a limited number of cassette copies that you can pre-order from their Bandcamp page.