Undiscovered: Ledisi

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Singers have been out, some have come and gone.

Some have dropped one hit and disappeared like suicide bombers in a packed village. Those aren't the ones I respect. To me, I love hearing the voice around for years rather than having them around for one hit song. The rate that this industry swallows up and spits out talent is a sad thing.

I have a certain respect for my soul singers. I don't know where it developed from but the bar has been set.

I remember back-in-my long term relationship days I went to a concert called the "Sugar Water Festival". This Festival was amazing and it consisted of Floetry, Dana Owens, better known as Queen Latifah, Jill Scott and Misses Erykah Badu.

The night was a night to remember. It was filled with awesome music, the mood was set. I was young but I was so in-tune. That was the night I fell deeply with music. As I progressed in getting to know music I saw a lot and heard a lot. I remember going out to watch a show in New York at a club called Drom somewhere in the village if I'm not mistaken. I waited for the show to start, and I continued waiting. I remember being extremely upset. But then I remember the Dj playing some good music. Then he played this one song that had me mesmerized. It started and when it did it captivated everyone in the room.

The voice was innocent and strong. Full of force and love. I was in there. Hooked. Who was this? I asked myself.

I put the first couple of lyrics that I can grab into my iPod hoping that when I get to my computer I could find it. I got home later that night and I didn't forget. I went to the common room and I slapped on my headphones and I punched in the lyrics on Youtube.

I found it. I clicked it and from the second it started I was gone. The voyage to amazing had begun.

Her name is Ledisi, and every note proved she was a Goddess. She is the only person I feel was missing from the Sugar Water Festival that I attended many moons back. Her voice was so awesome it was almost unbelievable. Her innocence rang through the beats and showed the world that soul music still existed. I continued searching and saw that she was even more awesome than I thought. From her performances and other songs.

From paying close attention I knew that this gem, beautiful and rare deserved more. She deserved for the world to see her. She needed to be uncovered.

Ledisi, amazing is an understatement for you. I wish you gold of all sorts on your journey. Salute.