Get Back To The Music Please

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The word greatness or legend seem to go hand in hand when it comes to musical artists. Well-known names and people who are seen as influences, whether it be from Rock to Pop, to Hip-Hop to Country.

I bet when you read those words you maybe thought of Areosmith, probably Michael Jackson, Run DMC or Tim McGraw.

Now that you know what I'm saying, let's focus on the present.

What artists come to your mind? Did you realize that not many can be considered that in our time? Realize that for most of the artists that can be called that now have several things in common; a few being vocals, style, controversy and last but not least their personal lives.

Try and think about a talented artist of who's personal life you know nothing about. It's pretty difficult to name just a couple.

Now, do you see what we are doing wrong in the music world?

The outer perspective of a music artist is their music and their lives. The inner perspective of a music artist is their music and the privacy of their lives.

Let's get back to the music.

When, curiosity of music fans meant "when is the next album coming out? "what's the meaning behind the song?," not "who are they dating now?", "how can they wear that out in public?" or "I heard they got arrested."

Care about only the music. How a person, or people, can capture an art.

The only thing personal you need to know about any artist is their perception of their creations.

The number of music fans who've seen and who see through that lens are a steadily decreasing number.

The growing number of music fans today are more excited to see what an artist was wearing than excited to know when will they will hear new music. You could do both, but not equally.

One is worth more than the other; it is more important than the other. It must be valued more greatly than the other.

Let's get back to the music.