Ludacris Destroys 'Tom Ford Freestyle': Gets Ready For 'Fast 7' Trailer Event

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There is no stopping Ludacris who completely rips a freestyle over Jay Z's "Tom Ford" track which comes just days before the days of the "Fast and Furious 7" trailer event.

(Audio Below)

"Ludacris has been warming up for his long-awaited 'Ludaversal' album by dropping off short "Ludaverses" over popular instrumentals (or once-popular instrumentals in this case)," reports

"For Throwback Thursday he decides to take things back to Jay Z's 'Tom Ford' beat, after doing 'Numbers on the Boards' last week."

Oddly enough the Ludacris verse seems like it belongs on the track. The verse would make Jay Z proud to hear and the Ludacris of years past resonate through a fairly new beat.

Ludacris is also gearing up for the trailer premiere event for the "Fast and Furious 7" that is being promoted heavily by all of the stars of the film as well as the social media outlets. The event will be broadcasted live by E News with the trailer also being made available on the movies main site.

The film makers and stars are promising more action, faster cars and overall the best film of the franchise thus far.

Listen to the "Tom For Freestyle"