Bear's Den to Stop Back in Pittsburgh Early October

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Bear's Den just wrapped up touring with the biggest name in folk music these days, Mumford and Sons.

These three British folk rock stars, Andrew Davie, Kev Jones and Joey Haynes, are now on route to tour the United States once again alongside Daughter, an English indie rock band from London.

Bear's Den performed at First Niagara Pavilion with Mumford & Sons and The Vaccines near end August, and had the chance to sit down and discuss a bit of their background and history as a band, as well as plans for their fall tour with Daughter.

"We were friends for quite some time and wanted to try to start a band.

We were looking for a good group - not everything in a band is about "can you play good guitar", it's more like "are you a good guy who is up to do a lot of hard work".

Good work ethic is the biggest factor, and we all have that", Davie explained about how the three found each other and decided to start making music.

The folk band is currently promoting their latest release, Agape. "It's a five song EP that we recorded with a friend of ours, Christopher Harris, who is in an awesome band called Storybooks.

We recorded it in a week and it was a really cool process; lots of guitars, lots of banjos, drums and harmonies", the three stated of their newest EP release.

The three talented musicians get a lot of their inspiration from all kinds of musical artists, and that shows in both their writing as well as their personalities.

"We have a seriously wide ranged of influences", Davie said. "We were asked to do an influences playlist for a website and it is so hard because we all have influences from different places", he explained.

"You can really tell who is DJ'ing in the van when songs come on", they laughed. "But as a band - The National, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, and of course Mumford and Sons and The Vaccines.

Watching other people do it makes us think, "YES, that's the way you do it!"".

Bear's Den will be making their way back to Pittsburgh on October 2nd to perform at Mr. Smalls alongside Daughter.

Tickets are selling for about $20, so be sure to grab yours and check out the next big name if folk rock.

For more information and updates on tour dates, releases and news from Bear's Den, be sure to check out - they look forward to seeing you on their fall crawl around the states!