Ferry Corsten Shows Versatility With "Many Ways"

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The newest single release from Ferry Corsten "Many Ways" has shown that the electronic producer can show versatility in his work. The uplifting single showcases vocals from Jenny Wahlstrom, a singer from Sweden.

This release is just in time for Corsten's Full On Ferry Tour in Australia, with stops in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Corsten knows what clubbers and electronic music listeners around the world want to hear and dance to, so that's what he produces. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and tons of international hits that have made it to the top of the charts, even under different names including System F and Gouryella - but he still seems to surprise listeners and fans with new takes on electronic music.

"Many Ways" is more of a trance track with piano melodies and as stated before, the vocals of Wahlstrom. The single is currently #3 on the Beatport Trance Chart and #20 on the US iTunes Dance Chart.

"Leon Palms had sent me a demo with the vocals of Jenny and I was immediately impressed," Corsten explained.

"I dropped the work I was doing and locked myself up in the studio for five days to make this track. I am extremely proud of the result," he continued about his release of "Many Ways".

The American lifestyle and music blog, Elite Daily, praised the release of Corsten's most recent single by stating, "What does it take to be 20 years at the top and not lose your relevance? Ask Ferry Corsten, he gets it done and continues to be ahead of a younger generation of Djs.

EDM has hit great heights this year, but Ferry Corsten will continue to make tracks his way."

Corsten, who has four albums under his own name and many remixes for other huge artists in the music industry, as well as spot in the Top 10 DJ in the world, the down-to-earth producer has yet to put his work aside.

There's no end to his career for Corsten, so stay tuned for what the talented producer and DJ has in store for 2014.