Can Meghan Trainor Avoid Being A One Hit Wonder?

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Meghan Trainor hit it big this summer with her pop sensation 'All About That Bass', which is getting airtime on radio stations and ranking high on Billboards emerging charts.

And this brings up a big question for such a catchy song, can she produce another hit?

'All About That Bass' has over 40M views on Youtube, putting her up in the rarefied atmosphere of Katy Perry and Ariana Grande. The song has also consistently been in the top 5 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart since it was released.

She is currently signed to Epic Record and is set to release her third album sometime in the fall.

With this new found success, the question arises, will Meghan Trainor be a one hit wonder? Clearly she has hit a high note with this song, considering she has two other albums out in the world, both released in 2011. She also had two other singles, 'Take care of Our Soldiers' and 'Who I Wanna Be' which were both flops.

She doesn't really have the sex-appeal in comparison to some of the more pop-elite (think Ariana Grande and Rita Ora), but maybe that is exactly what we need right now.

And whereas her singing chops are not on the same level as say, Adele, she has the pop music world down to a tee.

Meghan may go the way of Lorde, LMFAO, or PSY where they have one big hit and a few smaller fizzles. We'll have to watch closely. Watch her big hit here.