Bay Area Trio, Great Spirit, Prepares for Release of Debut EP

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We're just two weeks away from the release of Bay Area trio, Great Spirit's debut EP Front Porch to Frontier.

In anticipation of their upcoming debut EP, (out January 13th), the band has premiered two singles, "Road Less Traveled" and "Pretend With Me".

The singles are a mix of folk-rock and bluegrass, all with an "old-timey" appeal.

With musical influences from The Flaming Lips to The Grateful Dead to Tony Rice, the band from Bay Area / San Fran is known for combining poetic lyrics with equal parts folk-rock, bluegrasss and funk to form something unique and their own.

Front Porch to Frontier touches on the nature and environment of the Northern Cali landscape and where the members of Great Spirit call home, "combining tasteful blends of musical ability with distinctive, original songwriting showcasing and honest portrait of the people that compose the band itself." With more to come leading up to the release of Front Porch to Frontier, be sure to check back in for new singles and news from Great Spirit as we prepare for the much anticipated release of their debut album.

In the meantime, take a listen to "Road Less Traveled" and "Pretend With Me" below via Soundcloud.