The Red Hot Chili Peppers' New Album is Being Mixed by Radiohead's Producer

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The longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich is sharing his talents with the Red Hot Chili Peppers as he and the bands drummer Chad Smith, have begun mixing the album.

"Yesterday, RHCP drummer Chad Smith tweeted that their new record had just entered the mixing process and that Godrich was the man leading the way," according to Billboard.

Much of the album has been a pretty big mystery so far, but hopefully the mixing process means fans will be able to get their hands on the album sooner than later.

And no, that is not Will Ferrell in the photo with Godrich.

The 2011 album I'm With You was the last time fans got their hands on some new Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes, however, they are sharpening up their chops as the new music approaches.

"The Chili Peppers have not shared a title or release date for the new studio set yet, although we did include it in Billboard's 2016 music preview."

It's safe to say that Red Hot Chili Peppers might be in for a treat with the upcoming album.