Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Live Tour Could Earn Her Close To $500 Million

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The upcoming 'Reputation' tour from Taylor Swift could be one of the highest grossing concert tours of all time. It's estimated the singer could get close to half a billion dollars by visiting around the world in many huge stadiums.

As reported by Billboard, Taylor Swift is on track to earn as much as $450 million worth of ticket sales from her upcoming Reputation tour.

Aside from visiting big stadiums in North America, the show is also coming to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The reason she is about to earn lots of money from the tour is thanks to a new strategy.

Not only is she playing in bigger stadiums this time around, but premium ticket prices are higher compared to her previous concerts.

Swift already amassed $180 million worth of ticket sales in the first seven days that they went on sale. This is thanks to her diehard fans that paid a premium for the best tickets available at her concerts.

The singer is also planning to add more shows due to high demand so she could be getting even more money than what Billboard is projecting.

The tour could be one of the biggest ones in history if it earns between the $390 million to $510 million mark.

There is some concern though for her young fans since her ticket prices might be set too high for them to attend.

Sure she is able to beat ticket scalpers, but not everyone is able to pay so high for the premium prices for her concerts.

To be fair, the music industry has changed over the last couple of years thanks to streaming and digital downloads.

Artists usually have to find other ways to earn money since traditional album sales aren't as high as they used to be.

Concert ticket sales are probably the best way musicians can earn money in this day and age. After all, being at a concert in person is far better than just watching a performance on YouTube.

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